Wed 08 Jul 2020 15:09

Tom Coulbeck is one of our Mini's coaches.

Please read the information below, and donate if you can. There is a Justgiving link
Hi all,
I’m writing for your support as I have decided to walk the sandstone trail, all 34 miles of it in one day, on 8th August.
I originally decided to do this to raise £1000 for our teams kit as we were without a sponsor, and £1000 for MIND. However my company, Highpoint Solutions have decided to cover the kit cost so that all donations can go to the charity. This is incredibly generous and I’m immensely grateful for their support.
I have done a lot of work in support of Wellbeing and Mental health in recent years, to raise awareness and encourage positive habits. I believe rugby clubs do so much positive work that it makes sense to partner up in this way.
2 mates are joining me and as a result of my blisters, and once the Covid issues are over, the team will be playing their first games in a great new strip.
Please can you get behind this? Donate what you can and push it as much as possible with family, friends and colleagues?
I appreciate times are tough, but every little helps and together I’m sure we can raise a healthy total.
The page details are below
Thanks for your support!!

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